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Why Direct Real Estate Ownership is the Ideal Solution for Many High Net Worth Investors Over Delaware Statutory Trusts

Posted October 7, 2020 | Download PDF

  Summary 1031 exchange investors have several alternatives to consider, including Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and direct real estate ownership. DSTs can provide access to 1031-compliant passive real estate investment, but drawbacks include lack of control, prohibitive fees and costs, a lack of liquidity, and capital restrictions. For many high net worth investors, direct real estate ownership outweighs the high costs of DSTs and other 1031 investment alternatives. Granite Peak provides 1031 exchange investors the ability to achieve investment objectives… [ Read More ]

Blip or Black Swan?

Posted March 27, 2020 | Download PDF

Will the Corona Virus Reorder Globalization Resulting in Opportunities for Real Estate Investing? The team at Granite Peak Real Estate Advisors hopes that you and your families are staying safe in these uncertain times. Our priority is on the safety of our loved ones, and the economic wellbeing of our country. But we realize that in the midst of the market chaos, opportunities arise and it is our responsibility to monitor them. We hope some of the questions and observations… [ Read More ]

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